Adamite 49, Coffs Harbour, April 21st

Adamite 49, Coffs Harbour, April 21st. It was a very dark night but a fair wind that blew from behind on our first night passage in 5 months. The stars were so bright and a small crescent moon rose briefly to the west of us. We are charging along pushing against the south Australia current... Continue Reading →


Adamite 48, Port Stevens NSW, April 15 2018

Adamite 48, Port Stevens NSW, April 15 2018 Full on few days! We had one of the most crazy experiences last evening..... sitting in cockpit taking pictures of an awesome looking thunderstorm turned into a nightmare. The noise was like being tied to the tracks as the freight train arrives, suddenly you realise something big... Continue Reading →

Adamite 46, Pittwater, NSW, March 25

Adamite 46, Pittwater, NSW, March 25 Week two on my own, but not yet talking to myself..... out loud at least 🙂 missing my partner but filling up the days with activities. Reading heaps and learning lots from these books, some boat work. The days get broken down into sections and time passes. Activities section... Continue Reading →

Adamite 42, Tasmania, by land, 24 th feb

Adamite 42, Tasmania, by land, 24 th feb Tasmania is surprisingly big and fairly populated. Roughly the physical size of Christchurch across to Hokotika and everything north and with a similar climate (same latitudes) and feel about the place. National parks cover 50% of the area with quite a diversity of landscape. It is 1/3... Continue Reading →

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