Adamite 72, Noumea, Oct 7 th

Adamite 72, Noumea, Oct 7 th Another week. Wow times goes so fast and soon we will start to look for a weather window to sail back to NZ. It’s been over 2 years of cruising but as you know we will carry on living onboard once we back to NZ. But now I’m charging... Continue Reading →


Adamite 71, Noumea, Oct 1

Adamite 71, Noumea, Oct 1 Another year older, another year wiser? Growing old comes with many changes -like hair growing from all the wrong places and falling out where it should be! But overall happiness increases with age, and provided you have maintained your body the sixties (just round the corner) is the chance to... Continue Reading →

Adamite 68, New Caledonia, Sept 2nd.

Adamite 68, New Caledonia, Sept 2nd. The last few days proved to me that the social side of this cruising life means allot to us both. It’s just as important as seeing new places and having all these amazing adventures! Last night we were 5 boats ashore for sunset drinks and beach games. Really interesting... Continue Reading →

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