Adamite 35, Noumea, November 11.

This week we had three nights in Port Moselle marina indulging in city life. The bikes were out and on Saturday and we did 40 kms exploring round the town. It's a cool city flowing down a headland southwards from the port. Past beaches where locals had their kites and windsurfers all set up for... Continue Reading →


Adamite 34, Noumea and New Caledonia.

Adamite 34, Noumea and New Caledonia. Almost a week at sea cumulated on Friday here in the big smoke of Noumea town, definitely the biggest town we have been to since Auckland! For sure Adamite 33 spoke too soon about avoiding the unstable weather.... because the next day Ulrika freaked out with three visible water... Continue Reading →


So who is out there cruising? We all talk about how cool it is to meet people from all walks of life, from super yachts to very small little yachts and all on the same mission " to sail around" and explore the world. It's like a community, we share advice,recipies , books, hard drives... Continue Reading →

Wind snow mountains and oceans 

Today I was sitting up on the deck listening, smelling, feeling and touching the wind. Suddenly my mind drifted back in time to my childhood, listening, feeling, smelling and touching the snow. The snow can be so different depending on the conditions and so can the wind. It's so cool to blend them together in... Continue Reading →

Adamite 29, Qamea, Vani Bay and Savu Savu. Oct 1 Another week slips by and life moves onwards, sometimes we ask the freaky question......"What's it all about"? what does cruising mean for us? Words pop into my head like escape, adventure, excitement, freedom, slowing down.... Actually it is NOT what you think. We not "escaping"... Continue Reading →

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