Adamite 61. Ambea, Maewo,Pentecost and Epi July 2018

Adamite 61. Ambea, Maewo,Pentecost and Epi July 2018 Hamish is asleep and I’m up watching the stars. The last few nights the sky been a sea of millions of stars and planets. It’s just magical. We stayed 3 nights in the lagoon on Ambea island which is on a current state of emergency due to... Continue Reading →


Adamite 60, Santo and Ambae, July 9.

Adamite 60, Santo and Ambae, July 9. It was great to spend time at one good anchorage and really take in our surroundings. We finally got to do this with 4 nights in Palakula Bay on the SE coast of Santo, which is the biggest island in Vanuatu. Back in WW2 this was a huge... Continue Reading →

Adamite 59, Malakula and Santo, Vanuatu

Adamite 59, Malakula and Santo, Vanuatu. We’ve now had a couple of weeks here in Vanuatu and this last week has been exploring north through Malakula and Santo islands. Vanuatu means “my land”. First impressions are that Vanuatu must be the most un spoiled, yet safely accessible, place left on earth. Most of the people... Continue Reading →

Adamite 58, Vila, Vanuatu, June 23rd 2018

Adamite 58, Vila, Vanuatu, June 23rd 2018 We just experienced the weirdest thing, an earthquake onboard Adamite. At 6.2 and just 20km away it was pretty intense. The noise was like a massive truck starting up then moving towards the boat. It got louder and then everything started vibrating. Were we going aground? We ran... Continue Reading →

Adamite 55

Adamite 55 from Ulrika I wrote this note when we did the crossing to Noumea from Aussi ....... Thanks to our iridium Satphone system I received 3 emails the other day from Anna, Daniel and Bayley, which made my day. It was Mother’s Day, so It felt extra special. When you are in a l... Continue Reading →

Adamite 53, Noumea, May 20 th 2018

Adamite 53, Noumea, May 20 th 2018 Another blue water passage is over, 782 miles and 6 nights at sea. To date we have sailed 11 significant ocean passages and another 12 overnight or multi night ones as well. All told we have covered 10,095 nautical miles since moving onto Adamite at the end of... Continue Reading →

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