Adamite 71, Noumea, Oct 1

Adamite 71, Noumea, Oct 1

Another year older, another year wiser? Growing old comes with many changes -like hair growing from all the wrong places and falling out where it should be! But overall happiness increases with age, and provided you have maintained your body the sixties (just round the corner) is the chance to indulge in whatever spins your dials. And that’s exactly what we did this week.

We found Adamite as we hoped happily snug in Port Moselle marina. We spent most of the day cleaning and shopping in town before heading out to Maitre island 3 miles sail from Noumea. Here we met up with last years kiting gang and got together on Blue Be for sundowners. So cool to be apart of this awesome mix of people from all walks of life and enjoying it all the max. Ages from late 20,s to early 70’s, and with one couple successfully learning to kite for the first time at 70 years old is impressive! Three perfect kite days followed with winds between 20 and 30 knots. Nice to be kiting with such a great crowd and being challenged to progress. Plenty of jumps but never really sure how they will end….. or even how they began! But getting better all the time. We also got together for some stretch and core along with beach games. One night we had a beach party to celebrate three birthdays including mine. Hard to beat the setting with a great sunset and great company.

We cruised back into Port Moselle Saturday night for another boat party with friends in there. We also caught up with two local French friends and arranged lunch for Sunday with Pascal and Anne. A great day out in the country at their daughters house with an outdoor fire pit for a good old fashioned bbq. Such a cool house made from old containers and elevated above the river flood plains. Later we walked off our two hour lunch up this river to an old dam site along a beautiful valley. Nice to see young people thinking out of the box with a lifestyle based round lowering their costs, living within their means, and eating off the land. With a bag full of garden fruit and veg we headed back to Adamite wishing them well with their latest bee keeping venture.

Our last day on the marina today and we plan to take full advantage of shops, cafes and water. Many boats are already looking for weather windows to head south away from the cyclone season. Last week a cyclone formed 300 miles north of New Caledonia and headed west to Australia. This was the season earliest since recordings began in 1950’s. We are also thinking about our passage to come but most likely towards the end of October.


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