Adamite 69, Noumea and Japan. Sept 9, 2018

Adamite 69, Noumea and Japan. Sept 9, 2018

It’s a strange thing to be writing this from Japan, it’s strange enough to be sleeping in a bed and not a bunk! An amazing world where we can flick a switch and find ourselves in another hemisphere and doing something completely different. The World Cup sailing regatta here in Enoshima Japan is attended by all the “wanna be” Olympic sailors as a practice run at the 2020 Tokyo Games. It’s been a fantastic few days re connecting with so many old friends in the Olympic sailing community. It’s like a big family for me after being involved for 39 of my 56 years!

We had guests on board for our last week on Adamite. Hamish M and Ailsa were great company and we all enjoyed some thought provoking conversations, combined with plenty of action. Hamish M took a professional kite lesson then enjoyed some amateur coaching from me the next day. With the breeze on it was a great week for kiting. Ulrika is gaining confidence flying her kite too. Thursday afternoon we moved back into Port Moselle marina and prepped Adamite for almost three weeks alone.

It was a smooth and well planned operation getting here from Noumea with a direct flight to Narita Tokyo then a few hours by train and monorail to Enoshima. Earlier that day we enjoyed a final Noumea dinner with our friends and made a toast to their future boating life. Soon enough the taxi rolled up and not long after midnight I was sound asleep on the plane to Japan. A few hour later Ulrika and our guests were winging their way back to NZ.

Japan is like a second home for me as during the 80’s and early 90’s I was here most years working as a coach and pro racer. Ulrika joined me and together we made enough money to buy our first offshore 32’ keelboat and realise our dream of sailing and adventuring offshore, setting the foundation for our current life. We have so many good Japanese friends and look back on this period with great fondness.

I am here working with all the NZ sailors and together learning heaps about the venue. Conditions have been ideal with strong onshore winds and big waves, “champagne sailing”. But with an earlier close miss from a typhoon followed by a decent earthquake I know it’s not going to be plane sailing! Registration and measuring now with racing beginning soon, bring it on! A week of catching up with old friends with the icing on the cake in that I am rooming with Dan!


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