Adamite 72, Noumea, Oct 7 th

Adamite 72, Noumea, Oct 7 th

Another week. Wow times goes so fast and soon we will start to look for a weather window to sail back to NZ. It’s been over 2 years of cruising but as you know we will carry on living onboard once we back to NZ. But now I’m charging ahead of myself, and yes it’s still an art to live in the here and now. So, right now Hamish is dishing up a fish dinner with salad and wasabi dressing just in time to sit and watch the incredible sunset while dining in the cockpit. Sounds pretty good hey? And yes it is, and we are grateful for being able to choose this lifestyle .

So this week I got up on the kite board, yep pretty exciting! It was a short few runs, I must admit, but I feel I’m getting there. Hamish has been a great coach, and very patience with my outbursts of frustration and pain. We are kiting with a nice group of kiting buddies and we all get together on the beach each day. It’s fantastic to have their encouragement and know they have your back if something goes wrong. We all egg each other on as well.

On that note we did some statistics the other night. We counted roughly 65 boats which we have meet and interacted with during the last two years. To our surprise only 33 % is over 60 years of age. A few are under 50 but mostly are all in the 50’s, so most people out here sailing now and not waiting for the retirement age.

The other day we got invited to some local French people Hamish meet in Japan. They made us a beautiful traditional French lunch in their home up on the top of the hill looking out on Noumea. Such a treat to meet local people. There is going to be a referendum at the end of this month to decide if New Caledonia should become independent from France. Only people who have lived here 20 years can vote. It is all very un settling to everyone.

Last year Daniel and Bayley came up to New Caledonia which was great and in a few days Anna and her boyfriend are joining us. We hope to show them the highlights of the southern lagoon and some french food from our galley.


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