Adamite 66, New Caledonia southern lagoon, August 19

Adamite 66, New Caledonia southern lagoon, August 19

There’s something special about New Caledonia, and it grows on you. The red earthy landscape which has been robbed of sandalwood and abuses by mining, is a reminder of human greed. In contrast the mountains with their valleys folded like silk shows us how powerful and beautiful mother earth is. After clearing in with the Customs, we hit the supermarket and stocked up on yummy French produce and of course a coffee and a croissant. As soon as we gulped that treat down we sailed out and picked a mooring at Ile Maitre.

With a great forecast of steady trade winds we decided to explore more. We went to 3 little atolls north of Maitre. Colours of blue turquoise green and white all around with the fantastic backdrop of the high mountains makes this southern lagoon a stunning place to be. The water is so clear and you sail along watching the sand and coral below Adamite for miles and miles. The Weather has been glorious this week and this lagoon has been a fantastic playground for us. Lots of snorkeling and paddle boarding around the reefs. Beach combing and swimming. Hamish has discovered and enjoyed a few more kite places which has been a nice change from Ile Maitre. I am still in training, and hopefully one day I might stand in that board. I just have a bit of fear of that huge kite when it hits the power zone.

The last Two mornings in a row we motored out to the outer reef and surfed the waves . Hamish had two great days and here again I did my best but the waves where a bit big for me. Despite that I had a go and caught one wave, and the rest of time just having fun. It’s just so beautiful to see the reef underneath the board. Lots of local people were out here, and they where all so nice and happy sharing their surf spot with us .

Last night we meet up with our kiwi friends on Masterplan and another couple from an Aussie boat called Squander to watch the Rugby. Lucky for them they cheered for the All Blacks since they were expat kiwis. As it turned out they are friends with some guys we meet in Fiji 1989 when we sailed up there on our little CAV 32. As Hamish has mentioned before, it’s so nice to meet new people, hearing and sharing stories of cruising and living onboard.

Late rugby night , but up early this morning for the produce market and then out of the marina. Now we are now anchored in Ile Uere and Hamish is up on the deck in the hammock , reading a new book. I will put on my newly downloaded Swedish podcast and enjoy some recovering time of sore bodies from surfing.


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